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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 22, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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outrage as the spca. >> it's unappropriate to send an animal a buer to an animal shelter. why man volunteered at the shelter. tweeeer hacked.ú ú%ht hhppened and if it's safe for you to log nto yourraccount today. these savings are going to be related. >> pay mooe now, save later. >> what will happen to marylanders during the first decade of healthcare reform. ú% ood morning. it's wednesday, septembee 22nd. the bright lights of the inner harbor signing right there. good morning, i'm patrice
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harris. let's get a check of our forecast as people are getting up and out on this wednesday morning. meteorologist stevv fertig is here and this is it. >> yes.3 %-it's going to feel a little warler thi!!warmer this morning. it does this morning. >>take a look at the bus stop, 54 degreesswith partly cloudy skies and we will see some ssnshhne to start the day. more louds later on in the aaternoon and maybe evee a thunderstorm popping. 66 is the ttmperature in baltimore, 61 in salisbury, 64 in hagerstown, remember, yesttrday we were seeing 40s in there, upper 40s som in somef the corners of the statee you can see we have the showers in the frontal boundary in that chance for a late day showee or thunderstorm. 88 degrees are to the high. it may be a hot one today.
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let's see what is happening on the roadways with lauren cooke. laurenn good morning. >> reporter: thank yoo, steve and good morningg so far so good on the road as we ú%ke a liie look in the whitemarsh. no problems to report northbound or southbound. an average speed of 55 miles per hour. all is clear traveling throogh the tunnels from the fort looking at an average speed of 55 miles per hour. that is going to take you 9 minutes an average speed of 54 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. thank yyu, lauren. 5:02 on fox 45 earry edition. a man accused of beeting a dog to ddath is ordered to work with animals. this morning people re outraged. megan gilllland is live at the spca where he is suppossd to serve his time. gooddmorning, megan. >> eporter: good morning, patrice. that dog abuser was ordered to spendd50 hours here at the spca
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working. director here says he is not welcome. his name is derrick nd he was arressed and charred with the death of a miniature pincher. he could have had four years in prison, but instead, prosecutors agreed to drop the charges if he performed 50 hours of volunteer service at the spca. it's a decision that has animal activity shaking their heads. -p>> iidon't think thattanybody service.ts to do community >> ii's just not safe. it's not smart. drop the charges aftereed to documented evvdence surfaced had earlier attackedded the defendant's wiie. still the spca told chambers his -ervices are not wanteddhere. i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition.
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stayytuned for fox morning news for continuing coverage of ú%is story. the chair of the animal abuse that is ccming p in at the 6:00 hour. a glen burnie man is indicted on sex trafficking charges. 42 years old during win ii he recruited her by promising her a luxury home. he also threetened her with a gun. if conviited smith faces life in prison. police say a man was in a car that approached the viitim earlier this month. ú%woman driving the car asked the victim if she needed a ride, two white men and a baby were also in the vehicle, and police say once the victim got inside the man in thhs sketch here robbed and tasered hhr. the victim managed to escape from the moving vehicle and go to a nnarby home for help. she was taken to a hospital where she was treated and
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released. if you have any information, yoú are assed to call the harford county sheriff's office. there's a reward for information leading to an arrest. baltimore's police ú%mmissioner wants to make surr universities and hospiials are on theesame page. if an incident like the hopkins shooting ever happens again. yesterday commissioner fred -ealefeld met with security from several instiiutions like hhpkins, loyola and the state. communication.hopes of improving >> this is a good time for us to take aalook at what systems are in place, that god forbid a again,,that we are best prepared. >> the commissionee plans to have mmetings every quarter to address security at major institutions. meanwhile the investigation
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intoothe man behind the shooting at john hopkins ospittl continues. baltimore police searched the home of paul pardus. he lived withhhis mother at this arlington, vvrginia residence.ú theyyare look to for clues that mmght lead to his state. pardus shot his his mother's himself. prosecutors are looking to proof the case against three en accused in the murder of former councilman ken harris. the video was taken by several cameras close to and at the new havennlounge. a seccrity guard that atched some the video testified that he suspectt because he recognized other quote has a funny walk. the defense argues hat is inconclusive.ú >> innmy opinion none of is
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super clear, certaanly not hiih ultimaaely going to have so %-state had it.on't think the >> jurors are expected to hear about dnaaevidence n the case today. a man accused in the killing of a maryland state trooper wilú be in court tooay for a -reliminary hearing. carl williamm is facing firss-degree murder charges in the death of bbown. brown was working security at a3 restaurant when he was shot several times. they're only the size of a fingernail, but they are starting to cause economic they are a new type of stirchg bug hat are eating tomatoee and peaches. >> reporter: they may not look like much but they're tough. >> little armor tanks. namess reporttr: the stiik bug is enemy number one not just for
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the orchard but to the university of maryland and the usda. >> we are very oncerned, this test in a sense takes precedence ovee any other problem we have. >> reporter: they have come together to try to help. you see at bob black orchard the stink buu has cost him 20% of his apple crop this year,,and for many people it's been much worse. >> a bii apple crop, 20% of that we have 80% to sell of great quality apples. %-antenna appeared in the u.s. n thh 1 1990s, tracy made the first detection. since they're nonnative theyú have no national predators. >> as they are reproducing, they should something attacking them. >> rrporter: they are -easting. worm insteed they suck the juice
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like drinking from a straw. >> they literallyysuck the uice by theecells.ú >> reporter: the us. da is developing a prooosal to get the government to help. >> growers like bob black need an answer for next year. thhy need a rational approach to deal with this insect in the upcoming years. >> reporter: ack in the bob black farm he has great looking apples, heehopes the future is they willlblockk bill that -ill eliminate the millltary's don't ask and doo't tell policy. woold haveeallowed them to gay to openly serve in the millitary. many democrats hoped thaa that provide the 66thhvote needed to pass the billlbut he voted with3 ú%herrmembers of her party. >> i was the sole republican in -he committee that voted for the
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lieberman, levan language on %-do, but i caanot vote to procd to this bill under a situation that it's goinn to shutdoon the debate and preclude republican that, too is not fair. >> the majority leader harry reid says he will brinn the issue up again in a lame duuk session after the november -eection. it'' not often a company tells you to stayyaway from its website. aahackerrwas sending unsuspected users to porn sites and those problems went all the way to he white house.3 joel d smith is here to tell us why that could be just the beginning of such attaccs. >> reporttr: twitter s in3
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the midst of revamping its websiie. security hackers had a hole ooen in the security and yesterday they took advanttge of it. followers yesterday were greeeed with ugly contenttappearing without warning and strolling over theelinks automatic pop ups, covering orrginal twits or directing people to places it never intended to do, including japanese porn sites. it has the ability to do more harm like stealing personal information. twitter says it had the problemú fully patcced by mid-morning and ones wwre back o tweeting soon after. >> there will be those that want to gum up this system and things like that. i don't hesitate to continue to use it. >> if it can hit the white correspondent, it can hit you
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>> to keep tweet saves, eep an eye on what is going on under youu name. make surr you are verifying the content that is outtthere nd make ure to monitor your own platform and use caution with anyylink even if it appears to be sent by a trusted folllwer. 8 million people followwd the white house and roberttgibbs said it was quickly taken down. my twitter went hey wire, absolutely no clue why it sent %-anyone.meesage, or what it is. so patrice, something to look out for when you're on twitter and any of the social platforms. make sure that the stuff going out is actually yours. >> one more reason for me to avoid twittee. pretty interesting stuff, all right, joel, thank you. coming up on the early he edition, a political ad causing problems for govern oo
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kids are back in school and you know what that means,,3 weather kid wednesday is back in session. if you would like your kid to be weddesday program.her kid just have a teacher, counselor or send their nomination to 2,000 west 41st street, baltimore 21211.3 and we will have a weather kid today. good morning. good morning,,it looks dry, though we could have aaccuple of showers later. here is why. we will take a look at the bigger picture. here is a frontal boundary that draped over the midwest and that is going to become a general
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tonight. as it approaches it could bring us showers to the north and west. here is what we're looking at current conditions, 66 degrees at the inner harbor. partly cloudy skies, winns are light from the south, about 75% relative humiiity, and 30.08 and falling on the barometer. and meaning ttere's moree bit moosture to work it. 66 degrres and not as chilly as it was yesterday at this hour. 68 degrees in d.c. and 61 in salisbury. 64 in hagerstown and yesterday -e had aafew 40s around. now we're going to gettthe warm air moving in on the backside of the high pressurr, which begins to move further. that brings shower chances here and the western part of the state, and for the central counties a little bit after that, but notice as it stays further toward tteenorth around it will be questionable, about the 30% chance, that frontal boundary steering west. the next froot comes our way, we see the chance of the frontal3 boundary bringing us some showers, a better chance on
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later saturdayyand caarying into sunday. we hope not, becauue of course, we have the game on sunday. and then we have a couple of showers around. meanwhile tropiccl stormmlisa has been born. it's well out in the atlantic ss the track is fairly uncertaii.3 as we take a look at forecast for todayy eastern shore you should get up to 66 degrees, it's goong to be warmer for the3 southerly flow. southwest wind at 5-10 miles er hour. you will enjoy more sunshine than the rest of us, it will turn partly cloudy at the3 beginning, 88 degrees for the high. back toothe west we go and look forra high temperrture here of for a shower or thundeestorm later in the afternoon thhre. southwest winds at 5-10 miles an overnight tonight, we will have clouds out thhree evening thunderstorms possible in spots and then a couple of3 showers afttr that as the front pushes through. southwest winds at 5--0, but a mild night at 68. tomorrow 89 degrees so we''e near 90, ii looks like he next few days. and then 91 on friday, look for the next chance of ttat rain
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ú%ming in n saturray, especially laterrin the day as the next front comes in. you sse whht the front does, it kooldz us down. ú%mfortable for sunday, and 73, and 77 for thh monday and tuesday under partty cloudy skies. autumn arrives toniiht. enjoy the last hours of summer. let's see whattis happening on the roads right now. lauren cooke is here. >> reporter: we re looking main lines for thhse of you traveling on the west side of the beltway, we are lookkng at west side of 60 miles per hour on the west side of liberty road. as you take a live look, you will nooice how clear it is. you are looking at a 7-minute that way in parkville, it will beecleer as well. herr is a live look at har for the road, not as many cars ut ú%ere. as you make the push toward you have traveling on the northeast corridor of 95, here is a look at south of the beltway, you caansee no problems wherever it cculd be loop belt
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43 toward the beltway. ú%re is a look at warren road nothing to get in your way here, stilllit will be an easier ride traveling south as you make your push tooard the beltway. that's a look at the traffii ú%ge report. patrice, back to you. sttll aaead, the federal reserve not making any changes ahead of november'' midterm election. whhn the fed said it would jump in. >> property tax as well as a llt of fee increases. as you know, there's a big diiference between fees and taaes. it's not just the early campaign, criticizing one
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with six weeks until the general election, you will be ehrlicc. john rye del tells us one campaign ad for o'malley is prompting criticismm not just a t.v. station.campaigg but from >> the ad is produced by the opallyyo'malley cal pain. >> as you know therr's a big difference between fees and taxes. but ittincludes a news anchor from marrland public >> raising taxes. >> it's a clip taken from a public affair show, although reaction from voters was not a part of that broadcast.
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mpt executives said they did not give o'malley the permission to use the video. executives were concerned that theead might convey the messaae that m t.vpt supports the gover. ú% as for ehrlich, he is trying to clarify his position on fees that were approoed whhn he was governor. he calls it ironic that o'malley is promoting programs that are funded by those fees. >> because we're campaigning on the uccess of the chesapeake restoration act and the ú% is going around the state takinggcredit for crop, and building treatment plants and buiidling bypasses. he can't have it both ways. >> reporter: a spokesman for the ad which useempt video. he saas the campaign has received a lottof positive
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feedbaak. ú%d the the college executive says that is not a surprise. >> part of the surprise it's aa3 ggod ad. message, i think. >> reporter: lifting video from regular news shows for >> nowadays, any image can appear anywhere. this is in part whafs wit whht 3 with the technologyywe have available ttday. >> and it's legal.3 >> it's legal. >> reporterr newwcampaign ads are hitting the air waves, this one which criticized governor o'malley, and one of which is independent roups betteen now and election day. for all the latest news on november'ssmidterm elections, go to our website, and click on vvte 2010 in thh news features section. commng up later on the early edition, a u.s. senate candidat3
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the housing marret takes a major leap. unemployment numbers in over two dozen states rise, and the only number staying ppt for now are3 %--andra smith has oday's3 business report. thh fed not moving before the midterms and it's lastú meeting heading up tt the reserve keeping interest ratesú aa record low levels but the fed saying it is ready tt take moreú action if the economy does not improoe. the stocks not impressed. the dow up 7 points. and the nasdaq dropping a it. new home construction making a
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surprise 10.5% in august. now at its hhghest evel since april. apartment and condo construction way up, the ingll family homes still lagging behind. not a positive sign for the future of the job market, 22 states eporting higher unemploymenn rates last month, ttat is nearly doublld the inside july. a frozen food fight leaving conagra investors a little3 hungry. %--eports for the rest of the year.3 business. that is business, i'm sandra smmth. coming up rock out at the virgin obile free fest. make your chances to -- don't miss your chancee tt win tickets to that concert.ú >> reporter: an accuser dog abuser sentenced to work at the spca. i'' megan gil gilliland what 33
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welcome back to fox 45 early edition. 5:29 ii on wednesday morning. i'm patrice harris. let's get a check ofe
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